Regarding actions by the police in McKinney, Texas

This is a horrible video of police in McKinney, Texas treating a bunch of kids — I stress, KIDS — at a pool party in a very heavy-handed way, way out of proportion to the situation (the “incident”). One officer, Eric Casebolt, pulls his gun as a threat (and he is now on leave because of it). Kids who had nothing to do with the situation are handcuffed, yelled at, and called motherfuckers. I can’t imagine this happening at a similar party in my (almost entirely white) hometown of Rockford, Michigan.

For more context, see this article.

I find this all very upsetting, and I took up Joshua Dubois’ suggestion to write to the police chief. My letter is below.

Dear Police Chief Conley,

I’m writing to express my extreme disapproval and concern regarding the incident in McKinney involving very heavy-handed behavior by police, and in particular Corporal Eric Casebolt, against a group of teens.

I have reviewed the videos and read many different reports on the matter, and I realize that there may be more information yet to come to light. Regardless of how things transpired prior to the police force arriving, the actions of Corporal Casebolt are incredibly disturbing: yanking a 14-year-old girl by her hair, pinning her to the ground, chasing other teens with a gun, and swearing and cursing at teens. Many of the teens were interacting very respectfully, yet he tells them to “sit your asses down on the ground”. Many of the other teens appear incredibly scared — wanting to help their friends, but not wanting to escalate the situation (which is probably wise given recent events in the country and Corporal Casebolt’s disposition and his brandishing of his gun).

This is not behavior befitting an officer of the law. I fully realize that the police have an important and difficult job to do, and I’m thankful to those who serve and keep the peace. I believe a big part of that job is to show respect to the people that the police serve, and to apply rules and force consistently, regardless of the age, race, or socio-economic status of the individuals involved. Sadly, recent events in the country, including Saturday’s incident in McKinney, indicate that this is far from the case currently.

I’m not writing this just as a concerned citizen from afar. I live in Austin, Texas. My wife is African-American and we have two biracial sons, currently two and six years old. My six year old likes dinosaurs, tennis, and math. He’s going to do amazing things, but I fear that society—including the authorities—will view him as a threat by the time he becomes a teenager in 2022. My wife has family who live in Lewisville, less than 30 minutes from McKinney. If my son goes to a pool party with his cousin in seven years, should I worry that he will be handcuffed just for being present? And that no matter how polite and respectful he is, he’ll be told to sit his ass down? I certainly hope not, but seven years isn’t very much time. I sincerely hope that you and others in similar positions will do whatever you can to help reduce the likelihood of these sorts of incidents and to ensure that the members of the police force are respectful of the rights of all citizens. A good start to this would be for you to dismiss Corporal Casebolt.


Dr. Jason Baldridge

Associate Professor of Computational Linguistics, The University of Texas at Austin

Co-founder and Chief Scientist, People Pattern

I’m not at all sure it will do any good, but it’s a start to trying to effect some change. If you feel the same, please consider writing, and getting involved. Follow Shaun King and Deray McKeeson for much much more on what is going on with the police and racism. We need to find a better way forward, as a society.

Author: jasonbaldridge

Co-founder of People Pattern and Associate Professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin. My primary specialization is computational linguistics and my core research interests are formal and computational models of syntax, probabilistic models of both syntax and discourse structure, and machine learning for natural language tasks in general.

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